Fish Bowl

User Interface

The LAUREATE® World Phaco System graphic user interface (GUI) is a simple, intuitive design delivering a logical surgically-based interface. Also, LAUREATE® is available in multiple languages to meet the needs of cataract surgeons throughout the world.

How it works
The GUI controls are based on pop-up menus which appear on the touch-screen of the LAUREATE® console. You can make adjustments or activate functions simply by pressing control buttons on the screen, via the foot switch or the remote control. There are 3 types of touch-screen displays available for the procedure: surgery screens, set-up screens and dialog screens.

Set-Up Screens Set-Up Screens

Guide user through installation, priming, and testing of the fluidic system and handpieces.

Surgery Screens Surgery Screen

Hyperpulse: improved control over pulse frequency and duty cycle simultaneously manages "on" and "off-time" along with power for controlled delivery of energy.*

Dialog Screens Dialog Screens

Allow user to view and modify system, doctor, and surgical settings.

Surgery Screen

Linear Burst: variable "off-time" and independent power delivery add new levels of control.*

* As compared to the Alcon Universal II Phaco System.